10 Things You Can Do To Slow The Climate Crisis

Anything you can do helps. Here is a list from small to large. Soon we won’t be able to choose.

  1. Reduce your meat consumption. Or stop eating meat altogether. Try Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger.

  2. Reduce your fish consumption. You will be saving yourself a lot of contamination especially from mercury.

  3. Plant a garden. Our food systems are already being disrupted by climate crisis.

  4. Plant a tree, especially one that doesn’t need much water.

  5. Stop using plastic. This will take steps but maybe start with no more plastic bags. And ask the stores you frequent to stop using them.

  6. Ride your bike. And contact your city council to make roads safer for bicyclists.

  7. Buy an electric bike. You will ride farther, faster, and more often.

  8. Stop flying or fly less often. This is a tough one for adventurers. Take trains if you can.

  9. Buy solar panels if you have good sun exposure. Check Project Sunroof.

  10. Buy an electric car if you have to have a car.